Life Insurance Claims


Can a Life Insurance Lawyer Help You?


  • I can help you as a beneficiary by interpreting policy language when there is a dispute over coverage

  • Research applicable case law and insurance regulations and rules

  • A life insurance lawyer can help prove that a death should be covered by an insurance policy

  • Provide representation on a contingent fee to deal with the insurance company or your behalf throughout the claims process, and work to avoid delays and push your claim forward

  • Appeal a denied claim

  • File a lawsuit if the insurer acts in bad faith in processing your claim or if the insurance company denies coverage


After your loved one has passed, notify the life insurance company and provide a copy of the death certificate so that you can receive the death benefit. 


Caution: if there is an issue as to the cause of death or autopsy report, consult immediately with a life insurance lawyer before submitting the Death Certificate!


Consider obtaining an expert opinion on the cause of death.  Depending on where the death occurred, the cause of death may be determined by a physician, an elected coroner, or medical examiner without specific death investigation training.  A cause of death may be interpreted differently by a medical examiner and a life insurance claims adjuster.